American Auto Parts Has a Huge Deal With Ray’s Auto Parts

American Auto Sales, Inc. (NASDAQ: AAM) (NASD: AAMI) has a deal with Ray’s auto repairs that’s worth a whopping $7.3 billion.

That’s not a typo.

American Auto sells parts to Ray’s for the price of $7,320.99.

That works out to a profit margin of $2,937 per share.

That puts American Auto in a sweet spot compared to many other auto parts retailers, who are often less profitable.

American has the biggest inventory, and Ray’s is one of the most efficient suppliers in the industry.

This partnership gives Ray’s a competitive advantage in the auto repair business.

Ray’s makes most of its parts in the United States, but the rest of its product comes from other parts manufacturers.

The U.S. manufacturing industry has long been dominated by American Auto and Ray, and now the two companies are combining their strength.

The deal has the potential to expand the auto parts industry, particularly in high-demand areas like the auto industry, where there are large numbers of consumers who might want a new car.

The two companies have a long history of making car parts.

They both made parts for Chrysler and General Motors.

Ray also makes parts for Nissan, and American Auto has a reputation for making the most innovative auto parts.

It’s a partnership that will make a lot of people happy.

This deal is a win for the American auto parts community and for Ray’s.

Ray will have a lot more money to invest in the U.A.M. and will be able to use the profits to expand its operations and increase production.

The American auto industry is in need of new suppliers.

The industry needs a boost in efficiency and quality, and this partnership will help the American Auto industry in both areas.

The deal was first reported by the Wall Street Journal.