How to get the best auto parts for your 2015 Ford Focus sedan

Ford is finally getting back to basics with the 2016 Focus sedan, which has a new look and a few other changes to its exterior.

The Focus is the second Ford car in the new Focus trim level, following the midsize Ford Focus SE with the redesigned front fascia.

The Focus is getting a full body kit for the first time.

The trim level also adds a new front bumper, grille, taillights and fog lights.

The new Focus comes with a more premium look, as well as new technology features like a more advanced infotainment system and an automatic climate control system.

The new Focus is a four-door hatchback with a 1.8-liter EcoBoost V6 that gets 258 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque.

Ford says the Focus gets up to a claimed 100 mpg city and 50 mpg highway, which is about on par with the Focus RS.

The standard Focus comes in at an estimated $40,000, but buyers can upgrade to the $30,000-plus Focus ST, which comes with the 1.9-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine and a 1,900-horsepower V6.

The front fascias of the Focus sedan and Focus ST are also getting a facelift.

The front fenders and rear bumpers are getting an upgrade to match the body of the new sedan, and the fascia is getting an extra-wide front bumper and more prominent rear fenders.

The redesigned front bumper in the Focus is taller and wider, while the fascias are getting wider.

The rear bumper is also taller and narrower.

The redesigned fascia also has a wider rear fascia, with an integrated spoiler.

Ford said it also made changes to the rear glass to better match the new body styles.

The car has an 18-inch touchscreen, a new infotouch screen, a wider touchscreen and more powerful audio.

Ford also added a more powerful stereo, with six speakers and a subwoofer.

The 2016 Focus ST starts at $28,900 and the Focus 2016 starts at around $32,000.

The base Focus sedan starts at about $34,000 and the new 2017 Focus ST comes with $38,900 options, including the $28/month Premium Package.