A list of ‘fake’ auto parts

The Times Of India (PTI) has put together a list of “fake” auto parts in India. 

The list was put together by Auto Parts India, a non-profit organisation which organises auto parts sales across the country. 

“The purpose of the list is to educate consumers on the differences between genuine and fake auto parts.

We have created the list to ensure that manufacturers who sell genuine auto parts are not being duped,” Auto Parts President Dinesh Sharma told PTI. 

One of the more interesting items on the list includes the  Nexus 10X which is made in China but was produced in India (see screenshot below). 

According to the PTI, Nissan made the NEXUS 10X and the Blackbird was produced by Tata Motors, the latter of which was bought by Ford. 

Another interesting item is the Totem Power from the Honda Civic, which is manufactured by Honda. 

In the case of the Toyota Vics, the Toyota Civic was produced and sold in India, and the Lexus RX400 was produced as part of a Toyota car program, which ended in 2015. 

Also interesting is the Nissan Etron from Toyotas Renault Ferrari and BMW Volkswagen. 

It’s interesting that the Lexuses of both brands were produced in India and then exported to the US. 

For the record, the VW Volkwagen Volvo is a VW brand. 

Toyex and Lexus have no direct presence in India except in the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat. 

Interestingly, Toyota did not respond to the Times of Indias request for comment. While the Kodia s and Honda s have been producing vehicles in India since 1996, the Tata Group, which owns the HTC and the Motorola brand, has not made any vehicles in the country since 2002. 

This is despite the fact that the Tata Group’s total market value is estimated to be $1.1 trillion. 

Meanwhile, the Tata Group also produced the Audi Audition  which was widely criticised for its subpar design. 

At the time, Audiology India said it was not a ‘legitimate’ business model. 

With the Tata group, the company has also been criticised for not paying its suppliers properly. According to The Hindu, it is estimated that Tata Motors has been losing billions of dollars in the US every year since 2006 and $1 billion a year in the rest of the world. 

Now, Ford, BMW and Lexuses have a presence in the market but the Tata groups failures have made them look worse and worse in the eyes of the public. 

Ford is one of the biggest manufacturers of auto parts globally, but its stock price is still at a relatively low level, according to Bloomberg. 

Despite the company’s losses, Ford still manages to sell more than 10 million cars in the world every year. 

By comparison, BMZ, a major player in the auto industry, is not even in the top ten. Moreover, Lexmas brand is also a well-known brand in India but it is only available in a handful of states. 

What is your take on the fake auto part list?

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