Why You Need a Good Used Car Dealer

Used car dealers have become a hotbed for scams and fraud.

In many cases, they are staffed by people who have no training or experience.

As a result, they often do not know the laws and regulations in their local communities, and often do nothing to protect the consumer or the consumer’s rights.

A recent study by The National Association of Realtors found that over 60 percent of realtors surveyed believe that used car dealers are more likely to engage in fraudulent activity.

The study also found that more than half of the surveyed dealers admitted that they had failed to report certain sales or transactions, and that over 70 percent of the dealers had failed at least one time to verify that the customer was actually the person who purchased the vehicle.

Read More: The Best Used Car Dealers in the US article It is important to know that a used car dealer is required to perform a background check on the prospective buyer before the dealership will accept the vehicle, and must have a vehicle inspection prior to buying the vehicle and before the vehicle is shipped.

When it comes to vehicle inspections, used car buyers should always have a reliable, local inspection service available to inspect their vehicles.

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