Trump says ‘no’ to federal funding for petes auto Parts

President Donald Trump has said he doesn’t want to use funds for pete’s auto parts.

The Hill’s Sam Stein reported that Trump has not yet told Congress that the $9 billion in federal funding should be used to help petes repair its vehicles.

Petes’ car parts supplier has a business model that relies on the fact that its workers are not paid union dues and that its employees can work for as little as a dollar an hour.

That is one of the reasons Petes AutoParts.

Com has been a top contender to win a federal contract, but the president’s recent decision to withdraw that proposal has angered many auto workers.

The company has been hit by a series of setbacks, including a loss of a $1 billion investment in a factory in the United Arab Emirates.

The president has repeatedly pledged to create jobs and boost the economy by making more cars and trucks.

But on Monday, Trump said he has not given up on petes’ auto parts business.

“I think it’s going to be a really big business,” he said.

“There are going to have to be changes.

There are going, I think, a lot of different things that are going on.”

The president did not elaborate on what those changes would be.

Trump said he would consider the need for changes, but said the industry was doing well.

“We have great demand for the auto parts and we’re doing well,” Trump said.

“And I think that the auto business is doing well, and I think the auto industry is going to continue doing well.”