How a massive investment into GM will help the auto industry grow again

GM is in talks to buy the American Motors plant in Kentucky, the Detroit News reported.

The news comes as President-elect Donald Trump has taken to Twitter to attack the auto companies, calling it “the biggest bailout in history.”GM has also made clear that it wants to buy American Motors.

The company’s chief executive, Mary Barra, has said that the company would like to expand the plant to produce some of the nation’s largest vehicles, and that it has plans to buy a $700 million factory in Ohio to meet demand.

The announcement follows a plan by Trump to boost the U.S. auto industry by purchasing the plants of GM and Chrysler.

He has called for the U-turn on the auto bailout in the United States and said that he would work with Congress to fix the auto crisis, The Associated Press reported.

“This is a historic moment for the auto economy and the American people,” Barra told the AP.

“GM has been the leading American manufacturer for more than 30 years, and its success will make a real difference to the American workers, consumers and the economy.”

Barra told The Detroit News that she would be in Washington Wednesday to meet with Trump and other administration officials to discuss ways to support the UAW and auto workers.

The union represents 1 million auto workers and represents about 1.7 million of the UMCs 4.5 million employees.

The deal is expected to be announced in the next couple of weeks.