How to make your own car-repair kit

Auto parts maker Arch Auto Parts has developed a repair kit to help you fix your own vehicle.

It costs $100 to order the kit and is available at the company’s website.

Arch Auto Parts CEO Peter McAlpine said it was important to start the process of self-reliance, and that he would have a kit available in his store.

“It’s an investment that is going to pay off in the long term,” Mr McAlple said.

The repair kit includes parts for the following items: a spare wheel, axles, and brakes; a spare tire; spare brake pads; spare clutch; spare steering column; spare transmission and clutch fluid; spare brakes and brakes pads; and a spare transmission, gearbox, steering column, differential, engine, clutch, battery, oil filter and brake fluid.

Mr McAlpin said the kit was aimed at making it easy to get your car back on the road.

It also includes a repair manual and a brochure.

To use the kit, the owner will need to order it from the company and deliver it to the dealership.

At the end of the process, Mr McAlfaen said the car could be “back on the track” with the rest of the car.

He said the process would take around two weeks, but the company would refund customers if they were unhappy with their vehicle.

A spokesman for the Australian Automotive Parts Association (AAA) said the repair kit could help people get back on their feet and was “a good start to making a self-sufficient lifestyle”.

The AA has also offered to pay for the cost of the kit if customers choose to do so.

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