BMW 5 Series: Top 5 items that you can expect in 2019

This year, BMW has given us the top five items that will be available at the factory.

We know this isn’t a definitive list, and BMW is planning to continue to offer its best-selling cars in 2019, but this should give you an idea of what to expect from the German brand.

We know that 2019 will be the first year of the new five-door coupe, which means it will be a new platform for the brand.

The first batch of models that will come with the new platform will come from 2019 onwards, with a number of the models that are coming will be limited to 250,000 units, which is around 4.5 times the number of units that were sold last year.

As for the interior, the car has received new front fascia, a rear bumper, new side skirts and a revised roof.

The rear wing has been extended, and the new fenders have also been updated.

The engine bay has been completely redesigned, and will be offered with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine.

The exterior will also get a new look, with the rear bumper and headlights coming with LED lighting, as well as a new front bumper and hood.

There will be five LED headlights on the new model.

The BMW 5 series will also receive a new version of the iDrive, a new navigation system that has been developed specifically for the car.

The new system is a combination of both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, allowing the driver to use a smartphone or tablet to access information such as maps, weather and more.

The iDrive will also offer an in-dash camera, new safety features, a power assist and new climate control.

The instrument cluster will also be upgraded with a digital display.BMW has also added new colour options for the new cars, including a black exterior, grey interior and white exterior.

The interior will also feature a new design, with new seating surfaces and a more modern look.

We expect the new BMW 5 to be available in 2019 in three variants:The first of these will come in two-door form-factor and the second will be an all-wheel-drive model.

The latter will have an all wheel-drive system, a different engine, new interior and a range of new exterior colours.

The BMW 5 will be sold in both hatchback and hatchback wagon form-factors, as these are the most popular models in Germany.

The new 5 Series will be powered by a turbocharging four-litre inline-six engine, which will be sourced from BMW’s own 3-Series powertrain, with its output rated at 155 kW (230 hp).

The petrol engine will be able to produce 170 kW (225 hp) at 6,000 rpm, while the diesel engine will produce 185 kW (280 hp) when paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission.

Powertrains and powertrain components will be supplied by BMW’s current powertrain supplier, Mahindra.

The powertrain will be paired with the BMW iDrive 7 Plus, a six-speed automated gearbox that can be set to either Manual or Sport modes, with up to seven different gear combinations.

The electric motor will be mounted in a standard location.